The Language Barrier

As an immigrant, it is normal to feel silenced. It is not easy to fit in an unfamiliar environment. A language barrier makes it worse. For example, when you immigrate to an English-speaking country but your English is not fluent.

Thoughts remain stuck inside of you, while you search for words to express yourself.

The same is true for other aspects of immigrant life, such as writing cover letters and resumes for job applications or helping your kids with their school work.

If you do not improve your English language skills, you will struggle to succeed as an immigrant.

More importantly, you will not be able to grow into a fully functioning citizen in your new English speaking country. This may even hurt your family and their ability to do well.

It does not have to be that way, however. With some effort, you can improve your English and speak like the locals do.

Hello. I am Rohit, founder of the English Study Center. My goal is to improve your ability to communicate in English.

To get you started, I have prepared a 10 step technique. Fill out the form below, to download the 10 step mirror technique and boost your English communication skills.

I know, you might be thinking that you don’t need any English language education. Believe me, I thought the same way till I visited a writing lab and learned so much, it completely changed the way I approached writing.

As an immigrant, make English a language that helps to highlight your strengths. Do not let it become a weakness.

All the best,


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